Republican candidates challenging Michael Bennet for Colorado’s U.S. Senate seat are making their case for voters to decide whether Democrat-controlled Washington is doing a good job.

Gino Campana pulls at our nostalgic heartstrings with this video released Monday that features former President Reagan, and flawlessly compares Jimmy Carter’s failed policies to the current regime. 

From inflation to the hapless handling of our national defense, Campana says, “Bennet and Biden have pulled the Carter playbook out of history’s trash can and the results are no different.”

Meanwhile, Joe O’Dea has released a radio ad on Spanish-language radio stations.

The ad says:

“Joe is a carpenter and his construction company now employs more than 300 people; he knows the value of hard work.”

“Joe is running for the Senate to reduce wasteful spending, be a voice for working people, and keep our communities safe. Joe O’Dea will unite our community around the traditional values that keep us strong.”

Colorado Politics reports O’Dea made a $13,000 ad buy for the 60 second ad, and for no relevant reason whatsoever, added that while Bennet isn’t running any ads at all right now, he did run an ad on Spanish-language radio a year ago.

Again for no pertinent reason, Ernest Luning also felt compelled to add that O’Dea is wealthy.

For what it’s worth, Campana is also a self-made man.

And last we checked, Bennet was worth nearly $16 million.