Democrats made it clear they have no intention of ever easing the burden of high gas and energy prices on consumers in rejecting a non-binding resolution calling on Gov. Polis and President Biden to promote production in Colorado.  

The state Senate “Kill Committee,” where all good Republican ideas go to die, defeated the measure Tuesday on a party-line vote in the face of unprecedented prices spurred on by out-of-control government spending and inflation.


“Democrats have only aggravated this affordability crisis and the people of Colorado are paying for it. I am immensely disappointed that our Democrat colleagues failed to act on this,” said state Sen. Jerry Sonnenberg, Sterling Republican. 


It’s time voters finally took the hint — Democrats have chosen a policy of high gas prices to appease the Green Deal Cult and push some consumers into buying electric vehicles.

No doubt, folks who make a lot of money and can afford a new, electric vehicle will consider making the switch and spend $60,000 to avoid paying a couple bucks more for a gallon of gas. 

But those who are hurt the most by inflation, low to middle income earners, don’t have that choice.

And not to be a buzzkill, but charging vehicles with electricity powered by coal is not likely in the climate change bible. 

Bottom line, shame on Colorado Senate Democrats.