Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters is expected to qualify for the ballot at the GOP state assembly, which will likely cause problems for Republicans trying to win back the Secretary of State’s office from Jena Griswold’s wretched hands.

Candidates only need 30% at Saturday’s event in Colorado Springs to qualify for the June 28 Republican Party primary.

Pam Anderson, a former Jefferson County clerk who served as executive director of the Colorado County Clerks Association, has already qualified for the ballot through the petition process. 

That leaves Peters and first-time candidate Mike O’Donnell, an economic development specialist, to duke it out for support among the convention’s 4,743 delegates.

It’s not just Peters who would be on the ballot, but all of her baggage that includes Grand Jury indictments on numerous felony charges, problems with state ethics rules, other legal problems that resulted in her arrest, plus the video of her resisting arrest.

Peters is running on pure revenge in a long-running battle between her and Griswold, and delegates will more than likely let her have at it.

PeakNation™ will remember Peters claimed to have proof of monkeywrenching within voting machine systems, and yet here we are, still not having seen what exactly what it is she claims she uncovered — other than machine passwords that mysteriously went public and cost Grand Junction voters a boatload of money to fix.

Despite her wide popularity in some conservative factions, putting Peters on the ballot for the primary — even if she doesn’t make it to the General Election — could damage the party’s chances of escorting Griswold out of public office.

Republicans are desperate to move forward and put the best we have to offer back into public service to get our country on track, while others keep trying to refight lost battles that could cost us the war.

Good luck to O’Donnell on Saturday, he will need it.

As will we all.