Democrat incumbent candidates for state office are mum this election year when it comes to one of their favorite topics of restricting campaign financing.

That’s because they’re rolling in the dough and vastly out-raising their Republican opponents.

Gov. Jared Polis doesn’t need anyone’s stinking money because the millionaire has his own. Polis has pulled nearly $6 million in change out of his pocket for his reelection bid, so far. 

His Republican opponent Heidi Ganahl has raised $1 million but only has $200,000 left in the bank, while Greg Lopez is in worse shape having raised $106,000 with only $16,000 in the bank.

It’s all downhill for Republicans from here. 

Jena Griswold has shown us that politicizing the Secretary of State’s office for the Democrat Party has paid off in buckets.

Griswold has raised $2.5 million so far and put $1.8 million into ad time, with more than $300,000 still in the bank.

Tina Peters is leading the Republicans in fundraising for that office. 

Despite a myriad of legal problems, ongoing investigations and Grand Jury indictments, Peters has raised nearly $159,000 since declaring for the race a few months ago, and still has more than $100,000 cash on hand.

Meanwhile, the other Republican candidates for that office are lagging well behind. Pam Anderson has raised about $51,000 this year but only has $5,500 left in the bank.

Mike O’Donnell raised a few thousand dollars and loaned his campaign $53,000. He’s got $38,000 in the bank.

Democrat Attorney General Phil Weiser has raised $3.2 million and still has half that in the bank, while his Republican opponent John Kellner has $84,000 in the bank after raising $106,000.

So it looks like the rumors are true — Republicans have become the party of working America while Democrats are the party of the rich and they have the bank accounts to prove it.