Joshua Sharf cleverly disassembles the politically crafted fairy tale that Gov. Polis is some sort of libertarian champion instead of the progressive tool we’ve all come to loathe.

Writing in Newsweek, Sharf wisely warns that Polis is not pro-charter schools, he’s undoubtably a tool of the teacher unions.

Polis doesn’t stand up to the climate lobby, he is the climate lobby.

Polis does not keep the government at bay, he wielded it as a sword to smite the people and businesses both large and small during the Terrible Times.

Polis is the very definition of a woke progressive, using his personal fortune and political capitol to conform the masses to a bizarre new culture that strips us of our constitutional rights to free speech, civil liberties, and grammatically correct pronouns. 

Make no mistake about it, Polis is positioning himself to run for president the minute the Democrat Party checks poor old Joe Biden into the Shady Pines Rest Home.

Polis should be feared, not revered. 

Read Sharf’s column here.