Coloradans are struggling to pay for gas to get to work and feed their children, but help is on the way from Dear Leader Gov. Polis and our hard-earned tax dollars to make sure swimming pools can stay open a few hours longer.

It’s election year, and no gimmick is too silly for Polis, apparently.

The $350,000 grants of up to $25,000 will go to some 14 lucky communities to pay for government-subsidized lifeguards for all us Coloradans already swimming in the deep end and about to go under.


We’re all for taking a cool dip in qualifying pools that appear to be mostly along the Front Range. 

But it’s insulting that elected Democrats refuse to acknowledge what’s going on with our economy and how it’s impacting real families and working people.

What’s next? Free ice cream cones? 

Maybe desperate mothers still looking for formula to feed their infants can melt the ice cream into the mouths of their babes.