Without his fawning followers and sycophants in the media there to shield him from the awful truth, Gov. Polis finally got an earful of what Coloradans actually think of him.

Crank up the volume for a maximum reality check.


According to our own, in-house survey, Polis was crowned Mr. Unpopularity at the Stanley Cup celebration. 

We’ve had it on a loop since last night. Polis’s reception was music to our ears.

According to our source, Mr. Google News, the establishment political reporters are completely ignoring this brazen signal that Polis might have a real popularity problem with the masses. 

Here’s a starter kit for our media friends as to the many reasons voters have to be plenty pissed at Polis. 

The list of complaints at this point are fairly exhaustive and exhausting. 

Who in their right mind wants another four more years of what Colorado has endured under the Polis regime?

Turn up the volume on that video, and you’ll have your answer.