TABOR denier Jared Polis was called out for lying to the public during a press conference Wednesday when he claimed the media had rebranded the Taxpayer Bill of Rights refunds as some kind of new “Colorado Cash Back” program.

CBS4’s Shaun Boyd called his bluff, continuing to call it a TABOR rebate while pointing out the governor’s official press release was at fault for the misinformation campaign.

Boyd: “You’re calling this Colorado cash back. It’s a TABOR refund. Why not just be honest with people? Why call it Colorado Cash Back?”

Polis: “Well, the press is calling it Colorado Cash Back.”

Boyd: (Voice-over) “No his press releases calls it that, the press is calling him out.”

Boyd: (To Polis) “So you don’t see the irony of standing up there celebrating something that you’ve railed against in the past, TABOR?”

Polis: “But you’re caught up on accounting procedures when what matters is we’re celebrating Coloradans getting $750 back, $1,500 back, rather than the government sitting on their money.”

Boyd: “It’s true he and the legislature did adjust the timing of the refunds. Republican gubernatorial candidate Heidi Ganahl says he did it to help his reelection, not Coloradans cost of living.”

Ganahl: “He needs to be straight with the people of Colorado. What he did was he moved the TABOR refunds up right before election. I’m surprised he didn’t put the TABOR refund checks in with the vote ballots.”


Watch Boyd’s report here. It’s hilarious.

Not since Bill Clinton declared that he did not have sex with “that woman” have we seen a politician busted for so blatantly lying to voters.