There was much rejoicing on both sides of the political aisle today when State Sen. Kevin Priola of Adams County finally came out of the closet and admitted to being a Democrat.

The Democrat Party was happy to have him, Republicans were equally thrilled to finally be rid of him.

As the entire Republican caucus alerted Priola to the door aiming straight for his ass, GOP Minority Leader John Cooke of Greeley issued this official statement:

“Perhaps we should not be surprised by Senator Priola’s announcement today that he is now a Democrat. For the last several sessions he voted with the Democrats and championed their legislative causes. This event will not change the trajectory of this election cycle, nor the outcome of this year’s fight for the state senate. As for Senator Priola, his new district will likely not be happy with this announcement and may explore their options for new representation.”


Here to sum up why Priola’s decision was the left thing to do:

Priola says he’s leaving the party of election conspiracies and climate denialism to join the party of (checks notes) election conspiracies and climate cronyism.

Priola also says he’s felt marginalized by Republicans for not supporting his legislative efforts in the (checks notes yet again) Democrat-controlled legislature.

OK, so he’s absolutely right about feeling marginalized.

The chairwoman of Colorado’s Republican Party also congratulated Priola for making the right move.