Colorado Democrats have been trying – and failing – to paint every Republican running for office with the same broad brush. You know the strokes – “election denier” and “insurrectionist” being among their favorite slurs.

So, when Republican Pam Anderson won the party nomination for Secretary of State back in June, we can only imagine how bitter them apples must have tasted. That is because Anderson, a two-term clerk and former director of the Colorado County Clerks Association, has the respect and support of election officials from across the political spectrum. She’s good at the job, not partisan about it, and believes in free and fair elections.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Anderson is now receiving national recognition on the cover of TIME Magazine for being a prominent election defender. She seems to have a pretty clear-headed and honest view of the landscape too, telling Time: “Security equals suppression for the left, and access equals fraud on the right. I don’t believe either of those things.”

Democrat strategists are no doubt having a conniption over the level of common sense and normalcy coming from Anderson. If she’s not ultra-maga how can they run against her???

Now, compare that to Secretary of State Jenna Griswold, who is arguably unfit for the office she currently holds. Griswold’s most recent gaffes involve using taxpayer dollars to pay for a self-promoting TV ad and also saying that the country would lose the right vote if she doesn’t win re-election. The woman needs a serious reality check. Not only will our Democracy survive with an SoS like Anderson, but we’re betting it will actually thrive.