The office of Secretary of State and chief partisan hack Jena Griswold has dropped like a hot potato the complaint against Jared Polis for blowing taxpayer dollars on a political mailer to take credit for tax rebates that are mandated by state law.

Who’s surprised that Colorado’s one-party government is covering each other’s backside?

No one.

From Colorado Public Radio:

The head of the Colorado GOP, Kristi Burton Brown, accused Polis of illegal electioneering, claiming the letter was a thinly veiled pitch for his reelection, paid for by taxpayers.

“This letter blatantly misleads voters by refusing to say the word ‘TABOR’ or ‘Taxpayer Bill of Rights.’ Instead, the Governor uses his own campaign language of ‘Colorado Cashback,’ a phrase he coined during his campaign for re-election,” states Burton Brown in the complaint.

The complaint will be dropped, because the Secretary of State’s office said “Colorado Cashback” is a phrase used in the governor’s official capacity.

We would argue that playing politics in the governor’s office during an election year proves Brown’s point.

To rephrase the philosophical question, if a tree full of political misdeeds falls in a forest full of Democrats, will anyone be held accountable? The answer is here is obvious.