Secretary of State Jena Griswold just blew a ton of money on her first official campaign ad to deliver the completely vapid message that she’s a champion for our votes.

As if there are any politicians on the campaign trail today saying “I won’t be a champion for your vote! Give it to the other guy!”

Her campaign donors should be demanding a refund for this flub.

Like a deer in the headlights, Griswold marches through nonsensical scenes across what we can only presume is not state property, involving a lot of extra actors that we guess are volunteers, not employees.

In one scene, Griswold randomly passes through a family’s kitchen and appears to steal food from a child.

Rather than conveniently dropping their ballots in the mail, Jena suggests we push the disabled in their wheelchairs all the way to one of her many drop boxes that will be distributed across the state at taxpayer expense.

There aren’t any drop boxes out on the ranch. But look, a mailbox! So old fashioned, and yet it serves the same purpose and didn’t cost the taxpayers extra money.

“Whether you’re Republican, Democrat or unaffiliated I’m a champion for your vote,” Griswold exclaims in her $2.2 million ad that will air through the November election.

She’s desperate for our vote, is more like it.