Democrats with audit authority over Colorado have blocked a request to investigate whether fellow Democrat Gov. Polis personally profited from bills he’s signed into law.

The Legislative Audit Committee deadlocked on a 4-4 vote that blocked the request from state Sen. Jerry Sonnenberg of Sterling.

Reports Colorado Politics:

The tie killed the measure, with Democrats on the panel labeling Sonnenberg’s letter little more than a political attack in a re-election year and an effort to misuse the committee’s authority. Republicans on the committee said the letter opened a broader question of the auditor’s reach that should at least be considered.

Sonnenberg shared compelling evidence with the panel that Polis profited after signing a law to legalize sports betting.

The lawmaker also questioned the state’s promotion and marketing of a $24 million industrial building in which Polis is a managing partner.

The panel questioned whether they had the authority to conduct such an inquiry, then refused to even investigate whether it could investigate.

Without any hint of irony, Democrats just dismissed the claim suggesting it was election year politics.

Voters have a right to know whether Polis personally profited from legalizing sports betting, and they most certainly should find that out before casting votes to reelect him.

This is the never-ending problem of one-party rule on the state and national level — a complete lack of transparency by Democrats who will never be held responsible for wrongdoing by their own party.