The Biden administration has quietly announced it’s okay to kill golden and bald eagles while rapidly expanding wind energy.

Priorities, they explained.

The Fish and Wildlife Service doesn’t want to slow down the growth of wind power because it’s the key to Biden’s climate agenda, and they complain there’s just too many prosecutions going on for killing eagles.

It’s easier just to hand out more permits to let companies kill more golden eagles, of which there are an estimated 40,000.

For example, wind energy giant NextEra Energy plead guilty this year to killing more than 150 golden eagles and some bald eagles in eight states including Colorado and was fined $8 million.

Under Biden’s new program, this and other companies will be permitted to kill the eagles without remorse or abhorrent fines.

Federal officials won’t divulge how many eagles are killed by wind turbines claiming that’s sensitive law enforcement information.

How many more must die? They’re not saying.

The announcement came while most of America was focused on Hurricane Ian bearing down on the southeastern coast, and the media was making wild and inaccurate claims that hurricanes are now caused by climate change.

Neither of Colorado’s U.S. senators, including Michael Bennet who is up for reelection, have weighed in on the Biden administration’s decision.

We haven’t heard of any outpouring of opposition from the environmental community either. Apparently, it’s okay to kill eagles in the name of climate change.