The Colorado media have grudgingly conceded the 3rd District Congressional race to Republican Lauren Boebert, admitting there’s just not enough votes left to count for their Aspen progressive candidate to catch her.

The media’s last shred of hope is a fragile lifeline woven with cotton candy dreams — an expected recount that historically changes little but a handful of votes.

Boebert leads with 551 votes. She needed 819 votes to avoid a recount.

Meanwhile, Boebert delivered her victory speech in front of the U.S. Capitol pledging to tackle issues Western Slope residents care most about.

Like, having a representative who spends less time in the limelight for herself, and more time getting inflation under control, increasing domestic energy supplies, securing the border, and guarding the national checkbook.

The recount must be concluded by Dec. 15.

Meanwhile, Republicans have won control of the House and will begin the new session on Jan. 3. It will be interesting to see what role Boebert will play in the new majority.