Gov. Polis has Covid. Again.

Yes, he’s had the shots.

No, the governor’s office isn’t saying how many boosters. The Post reports he is “fully vaccinated.”

The governor’s staff refuses to divulge how the governor came into contact with the virus, just as they did the previous time that Polis and husband Marlon Reis contracted COVID.

The governor had been testing regularly because of a “known exposure,” his office said in a statement, and he tested positive for the virus Thursday. He will continue to perform his duties and work from home until he is no longer contagious in five days, assuming he stays asymptomatic.”

If Polis was “testing regularly” before he tested positive on Thursday, he knew Wednesday he had been exposed and still attended this event without wearing a mask.

That’s a lot of people to come in contact with and not take any precautions.

It’s worth noting that Polis flew to Los Angeles to tape Bill Maher’s HBO show on Friday to talk about stuff and giggle over the legalization of mushrooms in Colorado.

No word on whether Maher has also tested positive for the virus.