9News reporter Marshall Zelinger has an interesting view on when white guys should or should not run for the office of Denver mayor.

If no women of color or person of diversity steps up to the plate, he thinks the field should be theirs for the taking.

But if a white guy throws his hat in the ring afterwards, Zelinger believes the white man is effectively saying the other candidates are not worthy to run.

It’s a very odd view of the American political system.

Zelinger explained this thinking in an excruciatingly wonky zoom video of political reporters rehashing the 2022 election year with The Colorado Sun’s Jesse Paul.

“It’s a little uncomfy, actually,” Zelinger begins.

It’s not clear whether he’s uncomfortable with his racist angle, or that he’s uncomfortable with white guys running for Denver mayor.

Denver is 55% white, 29% Hispanic, and nearly 10% Black, so it’s not unusual a white … oh wait, 80% of Denver voted for Democrat U.S. Sen. Mike Bennet.

That’s why it’s uncomfortable, because they’re Democrats.

Watch the video here starting at about the 38-minute mark.

Zelinger says:

“It’s a little uncomfy actually, this week with Chris Hanson and Mike Johnston getting into the race, having to explain, you’ve got female and diverse candidates already in the race.

“Why do you think your voice is needed, I think is what I saw Wanda James tweet out, and it’s an excellent question.

“Like, you’re kind of saying, I still don’t see the best candidate out there in a place that suggests, and it, well, I just liked that storyline of like, white male candidates coming in after the fact, versus what does it say about what they think of the current candidates that are out there.”

Watch here how Zelinger’s uncomfortable interview with state Sen. Chris Hansen  played out when the white guy Democrat entered the mayoral race.

We’re unclear on the boundaries of this new racism against white people we continue to see more and more of from the mainstream media.

Zelinger’s views certainly beg the question: if white guys shouldn’t be running for political office, should white guys be permitted to cover the race as reporters?

It’s as if 9News would say, “we already have white reporters, why would we need Lori Lizarraga, Sonia Gutierrez, and Kristen Aguirre?”

White guilt sure can be a powerful motivator.