Progressive advocates in the Beltway media hit rock bottom in their desperation to boost morale among the sheep with this insipid article on Democrat Sen.-elect John Fetterman of Pennsylvania.

The Washington Post can’t write about any experience or ideas Fetterman brings to the Senate for the betterment of the human race. He’s little more than a placeholder for the Democrat Party to maintain the majority vote.

Instead they deliver this vapid report that his first name — one of the most common in America and a moniker for the customer of sex workers — is also a common first name among U.S. senators.

Hold the freaking presses, there’s nearly a dozen Johns who mostly spell their name Jon.

But guess who the only other John who spells his name with an h is?

Go ahead Colorado, guess!

That’s right! John Hickenlooper, the Washington Post reveals.

It’s the stuff of a Hallmark Christmas special, without Christmas, drama, or any real meaning whatsoever.

When asked by The Washington Post what it feels like to join the cohort of like-named men, Fetterman’s director of communications, Joe Calvello, said: “It’s a name. John is like no other politicians in the country.”

Boy, he got that right.

While Calvello insists that Fetterman “is like no one else,” chances are that yelling ‘Hey, John!’ inside the Capitol rotunda could still result in several politicians’ heads turning. It doesn’t help that 11 members of the House are also named John.

It’s unclear as to how many U.S. senators are really named John/Jon, as the Post initially said 10 senators are named John, but then reports 11 members “are also named John,” and that 10% of the Senate is named John.

The whole point of the Post’s clickbait claptrap is the number of people out of 100 senators named John/Jon, and they couldn’t even get that right.

It’s beyond shameful.