The western land-grabbing agenda of the Democrat Party recorded another victory on their side with the federal designation of the lesser prairie chicken as an endangered species in some states and threatened in Colorado.

Interestingly, it’s not just fossil energy development that will face restrictions on the bird’s habitat across several states, but solar and wind farms as well.

Constructing or improving roads will see new regulations that will drive up costs for taxpayers, or block construction.

Farmers and ranchers will also face even more hurdles.

What makes this species designation by the Biden administration at the behest of radical environmental groups so brazen and obnoxious, is the cooperation from landowners to lock up nearly five million acres on conservation reserves and agreements across three states to prevent the designation from taking place.

The Colorado Sun reports:

Still, the agency said, the voluntary efforts “have not demonstrated an ability to offset the threats and reverse the trends of habitat loss and fragmentation” for the species.

Adding insult to injury, it turns out the primary cause of continued impact on the population is not land use of its habitat, but drought.

The lesser prairie chicken thrives in years with higher precipitation that bolster prairie wetlands, then shrinks severely in the kinds of drought years plaguing the Southwest in recent decades.

The Endangered Species Act has long been abused by radical leftists to control development, lock up fossil fuels, and kick the cattle off the land.

Now they’re sabotaging their own progressive agenda by impacting solar and wind development.

Finally, a spark of good in their path of destruction.