Lest there be any confusion about the direction of the new Democrat leadership in the U.S. House, they have chosen the congressman who represents Boulder to head their policy and communications efforts.

Boulder, Democrats decided. That way surely wins the hearts and minds of the average American socialist voters who are stoned out of their minds, as well as their rich parents.

U.S. Rep. Joe Neguse has been campaigning across congressional districts nationwide for months now in pursuit of the number two leadership position, expecting as we all did that Democrats would lose the House forcing Speaker Pelosi and pals to step aside.

Instead of chairing the entire Democrat caucus, Neguse was convinced to step aside and let this guy have the job.

For his sacrifice, Neguse was rewarded with the number five spot in leadership and charged with cleaning up this dark and foreboding messaging mess.

A blast of strident Boulder progressiveness should blow the stink off that bitter message. Polish it up with some rainbows and chewable goodness, and the craziest Democrat district in America will surely right their political ship.

Or sink it.