The chief of staff for retiring Democrat Congressman Ed Perlmutter will make a cushy landing at the University of Colorado in a newly created job that pays out more than $400,000 annually with benefits.

It’s a vague-sounding position that requires strategy stuff and external relationing, of which Danielle Radovich Piper will be senior vice president.

This has frustrated several members on the board of regents, Colorado Politics reported, as a “prominent woman of color” was recommended for the post.

Weak congressional ethics rules will forbid Piper from lobbying her former boss and colleagues for one year, which won’t be a problem because they’ll all be out of that job come January.

Two CU jobs in administration and business were eliminated to make way for this lofty-sounding role of senior vice president for external relations and strategy.

Luckily for the university, Gov. Polis just proposed a 4% tuition hike that might make up for the slowdown in their enrollment growth and help cover her salary.

Piper will become the fourth highest paid employee at CU, where President Todd Saliman is paid $750,000 annually.