U.S. Sen. John Hickenlooper is cracking the whip on the welcome wagon urging migrants crossing the border illegally to make their way north and into the open arms of Colorado’s largest sanctuary city.

About 150 migrants from Central and South America mysteriously appeared on Denver’s doorstep earlier this week.

Some two million migrants have illegally crossed our southern border since President Biden took office. So it’s no surprise that at least 150 would eventually end up in Denver. Of course, we expect the number is really much, much, much higher.

But it’s interesting a Democrat would jump in front of the story so quickly to politicize their arrival with both a welcome, and a backhanded blame on Republicans.

From the Colorado Sun:

In a written statement Wednesday, U.S. Sen. John Hickenlooper suggested the arrival was part of “partisan games” over immigration — a reference to moves by governors in Texas, Florida and Arizona to transport migrants to Democrat-led states in recent months, on the grounds that they should share in the expense of caring for them and managing the costs of immigration.

“Human lives are not political props. Denver will welcome these migrants with open arms and help any way they can. We will be empathetic to people put in a difficult situation,” said Hickenlooper, who previously served as Denver’s mayor and Colorado governor. “Instead of playing partisan games, let’s tackle our broken immigration system once and for all.”

And yet the New York Post is reporting the migrants were bused by a charity that stepped in to assist El Paso after the Biden administration failed on its promise to provide $7 million to help with the border surge’s impact on city services.

The Texas city is dealing with 1,400 people attempting to cross from Mexico per day and Customs and Border Protection said it was forced to release over 600 people onto the streets this week because shelters have nowhere to house them.

Immigrant aid organization Annunciation House has stepped in to alleviate the problem, setting up a new route to send people to Denver, Colorado. However, so far it has only been able to bus out 50 as part of a pilot program.

The City of Denver meanwhile is trying to be all secretive about where the migrants are staying. As if the Biden administration’s immigration officials would lift a finger to deport them. All of America has become one big sanctuary city under his rule.

Coincidently, our new residents arrived just in time to sign up for Gov. Polis’s prized new taxpayer subsidized insurance program for non-citizens that comes with lots of extra coverage for plastic surgery, acupuncture, HIV prevention drugs, gender reassignment, mental health, and issues resulting from substance abuse.

El Paso’s tax base couldn’t help them out with food and shelter, but Colorado taxpayers can give them a whole new face and gender!