The board of Denver Public Schools is a national embarrassment giving the entire city a black eye through the incompetence and infighting of its elected members, according to a Denver Post opinion this week.

It’s the second opinion piece in as many months from the progressive newspaper castigating the progressive board members for the complete mess they’ve made of, well, everything.

Attendance is plummeting, reading and math scores are in the tank, and they’re wasting millions on woke projects. Now they’re refusing to make tough decisions on closing schools that don’t have enough students, personnel, or money to function.

The situation is hopeless with the current cast of characters in place, writes Jeannie Kaplan, a former school board member from 2005-2013, and Alan Gottlieb, a former newspaper reporter and a founder of Chalkbeat.

There have been multiple instances of dysfunction, incompetence, and unseemly infighting. The board more often than not has proved unable to perform its core functions.


Combine this mess with the inept moves and general tone-deafness of Superintendent Alex Marrero and his team and what you’ve got is a school district in crisis, and distracted from addressing its most glaring issues.

Their proposed solutions are straight-forward — elections are coming up next year and the public needs to make their displeasure clear and vote the problems out of office.

It’s a simple message:  Your behavior is unacceptable. You are not serving our children. You are embarrassing yourselves and us. Get to work on what matters.

The authors didn’t call out any specific board members by name.

Although it’s crystal clear who the problem child is, and he just happens to be up for reelection next November.

PeakNation™ will recall Auon’Tai “Tay” Anderson was endorsed by the teachers’ union.

We expect they will extract a promise of good behavior for him for future support, and he will fall short of the mark but they will back him anyway lest they be accused of tying the knot in Anderson’s outrageous ad.