Democrat’s devotion to protecting Coloradan’s tax refunds under the Taxpayer Bill of Rights (TABOR) expired right on time — after they were elected and the very moment the new legislative session began this week.

Remember how devoted the media were in sticking with Gov. Polis’s thinly veiled rebranding of TABOR as the Colorado Cash Back program for his reelection campaign?

Well no more!

It’s TABOR again, please make a note of it.

The two Democrat lawmakers who want to kill the Colorado Cash Back program and spend taxpayer refunds are Rep. Cathy Kipp of Fort Collins and Sen. Rachel Zenzinger of Arvada.

This legislative session, Democrats will be attempting to keep more of your money for the children, because K-12 education is funded this school year at a paltry $5 billion —and that’s just state funds.

Colorado has also seen a sizable chunk of billions from the feds in recent years as well.

Michael Fields, president of Advance Colorado Institute, said the state has seen a big increase in education funding over the last years.

“The problem is that not enough of that money is going towards teacher pay. People want better accountability with the dollars we are already spending on education,” he said.

Polis wrote a personal letter to voters along with their Colorado Cash Back TABOR refunds of $750 before the November election, as Democrat lawmakers cheered him on.

Like the Lemmings they are, Democrat taxpayers will cheer them on as Democrat lawmakers take back the Colorado Cash Back, all in the name of the children … who will never see a dime of it.