Today’s pop quiz, what key piece of information is missing from this Colorado Sun headline?

State representative accused of lying about her residence resigns on eve of Colorado’s 2023 lawmaking term

If you answered, “Boulder County Democrat,” you are correct!

State Rep. Tracey Bernett, a Boulder County Democrat facing criminal charges for allegedly lying about her residence to run for reelection last year in a more politically favorable district, announced her resignation from the legislature late Sunday, just hours ahead of the start of Colorado’s 2023 lawmaking term.


Bernett was charged in November with felony counts of attempting to influence a public servant, forgery and providing false information about a residence. She was also charged with misdemeanor counts of perjury and procuring false registration.

If the Sun still had copy editors, one might insist “Boulder County Democrat” was not a particularly newsworthy element to a political story about a state lawmaker facing criminal charges. Or that it was too long and didn’t fit.

But you can bet your ass if the lawmaker was a Colorado Springs Republican, it would have been on the top line.

So we fixed it for them.

Democrat state lawmaker from Boulder County faces criminal charges, resigns from office

There. That’s better.

House District 12 voters will have to wait until next year to elect a new representative. Until then, a Democrat vacancy committee will choose Bernett’s replacement for this legislative session.