Coloradans who think Democrats controlling the state legislature are only sticking it to Republicans with gun bans and legalized drug injection sites better hold onto their wallets, because the lefty lawmakers are trying to raise taxes on booze.

That’s right, beer and liquor.

While the price of everything continues to increase creating a windfall of tax revenues for all levels of government, those greedy bastards want to jack us for even more money through new industry fees on everything from beer to Tito’s.

Complete Colorado’s Page Two broke the story that state Sen. Kevin Priola, who finally followed his true calling and switched from the GOP to Democrat Party last year, plans to introduce the sin tax for his new progressive buddies to consider in the coming weeks.

“Manufacturers and distributors of alcohol should bear some of the increased costs for alcohol use disorder prevention, early intervention, treatment, recovery, or harm reduction services” the bill reads.

Since he’s calling the tax a “fee,” it’s not subject to voter approval under TABOR so we the voters don’t get a vote in the matter.

We don’t know how much money the expected taxes, which Priola calls fees, will raise annually. But we do know the money will be used to hire more Democrat state workers and give them health care and a retirement fund in exchange for telling the public alcohol is bad for them.

Only an idiot lawmaker who suffered from ideological confusion for many years before finally transitioning to become a Democrat would think booze taxes are a good idea, ever.

We don’t need more government, we don’t need bureaucrats to educate us about the dangers of doing anything to excess, including the consumption of alcohol, and we sure as Hell don’t need to pay more money for beer.