Kyle Clark over at 9 News claims the White House is urging reporters to share a nasty accusation about Republicans on Twitter with promises to promote those who propagate the propaganda by amplifying the journalists’ tweet.

We know this because Kyle shared the disinformation while bragging he was too ethical to fall for the scam.

We wondered if there really is a Republican plan to cut Medicaid expansion, and checked with our source, Mr. Google.

Politico published this story around the same time Kyle was tweeting about how wrong it would be to tweet about the White House claim.

Democrats draw ‘red line’ around Medicaid as GOP mulls cuts

Democrats talking about fears Republicans are mulling cuts is not the same thing as Republicans filing actual legislation or even passing around the draft of a bill.

It’s just a Democrat talking point on the eve of the White House budget drop Thursday on Congress.

It’s the most Colorado thing we’ve seen all week.

Stay tuned to learn whether the White House amplifies Kyle’s stupidity.