Against their better judgement, tens of thousands of Republicans still live in the City of Denver and plan on voting in the April 4 election for mayor and city council.

And for that reason, the Denver Republican Party has made recommendations in the upcoming races as a guide to which candidates are not offensively progressive.

The Denver Municipal elections are non-partisan in which no party affiliation is identified. All current Denver elected positions are held by Democrats, many with an extreme leftist or socialist orientation.

As Republicans we have tried to identify the more moderate or centrist of those candidates. All except one of the candidates this election cycle are Democrats.

Drum roll please … skating away with the mayoral endorsement is none other than lone Republican candidate Andy Rougeot.

Timothy O’Brien got their checkmark for auditor, and the council recommendations are as follows:

Council at Large: Marty Zimmerman & Tim Hoffman

Council District 1: Amanda Sandoval

Council District 2: Kevin Flynn

Council District 4: Diana Romero Campbell

Council District 5: Amanda Sawyer

Council District 7: Arthur May

Council District 8: Brad Revare

Council District 9: Darrell Watson

Council District 10: Chris Hinds

The Denver GOP recommends a No vote on ballot questions 2N and 2O.

The party is not taking a position on ballot question 2M, which regards zoning appeals.