The stuff of spooky urban legend has come true for a white liberal family determined to raise their son in the progressive public education ways of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the Boulder Valley School District.

Their 4th grade child was effectively cancelled after being physically assaulted by a classmate who justified her violence by accusing the boy of racism.

The boy was removed from his class and his family is suing the school district to stop the bullying and get their child back into school.

Complete Colorado’s Page Two broke the story Saturday of political child abuse, which was followed by a report in the Boulder Daily Camera.

It’s the unintended result of a progressive woke hierarchy based on skin color and gender that pits people against one another, because of skin color and gender. Then they wonder why no one is getting along.

In this case, it appears a child is being taught violence is okay if it’s against someone who is racist.

Taking it a step further, the girl’s mother works in the school as a substitute teacher and paraeducator, and the Boulder Camera reports she’s an education activist who has advocated for students of color to physically defend themselves against racial harassment.

The boy’s family filed a lawsuit against the school district for creating a racially hostile environment and discriminating against their child after being physically assaulted by the girl.

The lawsuit claims the girl’s mother also launched a social media campaign against the child and the whole family, calling the boy an “evil child,” a “trash kid,” and his parents “white liberal racists.”

Sherrie Peif reports on the lawsuit, which identifies the boy as James Doe and girl as Sally Doe.

“Mother’s” attacks violated the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act by disclosing confidential information about James on her social media pages.


“Mother’s” posts incited her followers to issue threats of emotional and physical violence against the Doe family.


“Mother” “warned” other black parents about James and his “evil nature,” causing other parents to call the school concerned about their children being exposed to James.


Sally has a documented history of violence against James and others — supported by an affidavit from James and Sally’s fourth grade teacher at Whittier, stating Sally suffers from “impulse control” that leads to frequent hitting, kicking or strangling of other students. The teacher stated that after these incidents Sally would accuse the person she attacked of “racism.”

Peif appeared on Mandy Connell’s show to discuss her reporting of the issue and details of the lawsuit, in which the attorney wrote:

“Our clients are peace-loving, non-confrontational people, but when BVSD repeatedly refused to protect their 9-year-old son from public vilification and defamation by a district employee, they were left with no choice but to take legal action,” she wrote. “They are deeply committed to racial justice, and are the last people who ever expected to find themselves bringing a racial discrimination claim against a school they specifically chose for its commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.”

It’s very sad that children are no longer taught all people are equal.

And now we are seeing the consequences when children are taught, and adults believe that some people are more equal than others and are permitted to use violence to reinforce their beliefs.