The oldest trick in the political playbook is when elected officials mooch off the government’s collection and spending of our hard-earned tax dollars every year as if it were their own personal accomplishment to rob us and spend our money.

The brag is usually in the form of a press release or social media post where Politician Joe B. Smith announces a buttload of money will be spent on (insert special interest group) in Hometown, U.S.A.

But U.S. Rep. Jason Crow took it a brazen step forward this week in the announcement that Douglas County would get about $600,000 from the $1.9 trillion COVID-19 stimulus funding passed by Congress two years ago.

Douglas County officials applied for the money to help fund government mental health programs.

But if you look closely at the photo op from media reports, it appears the oversized check presented by Crow came from his own personal congressional banking account.

But there is no such bank account for “Jason Crow, Congressman for Colorado’s 6th Congressional District.”

Members of Congress don’t get their own banking account to write out checks from the federal treasury under their own personal signature.

Nor should our tax dollars be wasted on printing oversized bogus checks from fake accounts so politicians can bask in the glory of overspending trillions of federal tax dollars that sent our economy spiraling and from which we have yet to recover.

Seriously. What in the Hell was his staff thinking?!

Is Crow’s popularity so far down the shitter he’s pretending to donate his own money?

We’re not disparaging the need for $600,000 for Douglas County or any of the other funding Crow is taking credit for this week with his Oversized Bogus Checks Tour.

And a Crow staffer most likely wrote a letter to the federal agencies in charge of passing out the $1.6 trillion endorsing the money for these projects.

But this funding for Douglas County and the other projects didn’t come from Congressman Crow’s bank account nor is it authorized by his signature.

All of that money came from the fine taxpaying people of Colorado and these here United States of America.

And you’re welcome.