What will it take for our leaders and the media to put down the gun rhetoric and stop shooting at each other long enough to find out what is prompting human beings to commit mass murder and target schools for their violent attacks?

It’s not the guns taking possession of the killer’s souls and forcing them to commit heinous crimes.

Whatever is troubling these mass shooters, be it revenge, drugs, mental illness, or suicide by cop — until we address the underlying problem and institute safeguards at all schools, our children will never feel, or be safe in classrooms.

The Washington Post once reported there are more guns than people in the U.S., which today would mean more than 330 million guns.

To put that into perspective, about 21,000 people were killed by guns in the U.S. last year, which means at least 329,979,000 guns were not to blame.

So it’s no wonder the Democrat-dominated state legislature cancelled the Judiciary Committee hearing this week on a so-called assault weapons ban.

Guns aren’t the underlying problem, and even Democrats know that, if they won’t admit it publicly.

“Through sources, I’ve been told it just wasn’t going to pass. It didn’t have the support that we thought,” FOX31 political analyst and Democratic strategist Andy Boian said on “Colorado Point of View.”


The bill will likely eventually be killed in a committee later in the session, Boian said.

So Democrats will just take their bills changing the legal age of law-abiding citizens to purchase guns from 18 to 21, and allowing trial lawyers to get rich by suing gun makers, and declare a victory for gun reforms.

All the while having done diddly squat to protect schools from yet another terrorist attack, and that’s exactly what these terrible events have become since Columbine nearly 24 years ago.

Meanwhile, school children are demonstrating at state capitols in Colorado and Tennessee chanting “Do Something!”

To that we would add, do something different.