Concerned East High School parents demanded a meeting Monday with Denver school board members to discuss their concerns about children returning to the site of the March 22 shooting when spring break ends Wednesday.

And yet the board’s most controversial and radically politicized member, Vice President Auon’tai “Tay” Anderson couldn’t be bothered.

The man who was against school resource officers before he was for them, was Missing in Action.

Now before all you Karens on Twitter get your sensitivity panties in a wad, it’s not because Anderson is still recovering from what he described as emergency (outpatient) surgery that prompted him to appear in a wheelchair to the press conference and refusing to take questions about the most recent shooting.

He’s obviously up and about and able to travel to Florida during the school spring break for an, uhm, conference. No wonder he was out of touch and didn’t know anything about the meeting.

We’re not saying he was still riding out Spring Break on the notorious beaches of sunny Florida after his seminar …

Tay Anderson in sunny Florida on a political mission.

But we are saying the man chose to pursue his spring break plans in Florida to signal his already proven progressive virtues among, other activities, while parents and school children were in a meltdown over school safety and protesting at the state Capitol.

We are also saying Anderson should be held accountable for his questionable decision-making skills when it comes to prioritizing the needs of Denver’s school children.

Spending the spring break to make sure soft targets like schools are safe from attacks by suicidal terrorists? Or jetting off to warm and sunny Florida for spring break to reaffirm his own views of gender equity?

Seriously dude, read the room.

Anderson posted a memo Tuesday morning reinforcing the board’s official memo on school security claiming he’s serious about community input, and yet Tay’s memo is on his private Twitter account that is blocked to his detractors and where no comments from the public are allowed.

And by staying in his lane, Anderson has interpreted this to mean, Spring Break in Florida!

Someone in the media might want to submit an open records request on Anderson’s travel, check the dates of the conference, double check the return date on his flight, and let the parents of East High School know how much this cost Denver taxpayers.