With less than a month left of the legislative session, Gov. Polis has yet to put forth any plan to prevent a looming bloodbath and cap residential property tax increases as he promised when voters repealed the Gallagher amendment.

Republicans put forth their own plan to cap expected spikes of 40-50% to just five or ten percent over the next several years.

But Democrats were ordered to kill those efforts and await the arrival of their hero governor, who would surely swoop in and save the day just in time for his planned 2024 presidential run.

Yet the clock is running out as we hold tightly to our wallets.

While Polis and the Democrat-controlled legislature are focused on virtue signaling bills to appease the progressive base, Douglas County is looking to pass a temporary mill levy credit for residents there to survive the coming property tax hike.

Unless Polis can pivot quickly from his next target takeover of local government zoning laws to force an explosion of dense housing overdevelopment, Colorado homeowners will soon be paying more money on tax bills than the actual mortgage.