Democrat state Rep. Elisabeth Epps is in a pissing match with the establishment media and called them out as racists for failing to use her photo every time they write about legislation and lawmakers.

What’s really got her stirred up is the failure of her bill to ban so-called assault weapons that went down in flames last week, and the media’s criticism of her legislating ability.

The measure was so misguided, Democrats actually sided with Republicans to kill it.

Then Sun News Columnist Mario Nicolas basically wrote that more people will die and it will be Epps’ fault because she’s such a lousy lawmaker that nobody likes.

From Nicolas’s rant. Me-ow!

I am not an Epps fan. Her brand of vitriolic politics tends to make my stomach curdle. She is often indiscriminate with her bombastic outrage or as she wallows in effectuated self-pity; members of her own caucus and the media are as likely to be targeted as Republicans when she does not get her way. When asked about this bill in January, Epps refused to talk to reporters.


Still in her first year at the state Capitol, Epps has yet to learn that the adoration of her social media following does not translate to legislative clout — something it took progressive icon U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez four years to figure out. That may be a big reason Epps found herself as the lone prime sponsor in the state House.

The Twitter fight was on!

First came the accusation of racism:

Then she went after columnist Mike Littwin.

Then Nicolas jumped in the fray:

And then Epps continued the fight by proxy of her Twitter supporters.

Which didn’t always go over so well.

But getting back to Epps’ original complaint the media are racist because they don’t post her picture in every article that mentions her name, she’s correct about that.

The Sun uses the columnist’s photos with articles and most outlets use a stock photo, like the Santa Maria Times coverage of Epps’ failed gun ban titled: “Colorado: Fracasa medida para prohibir armas semiautomáticas.”

Here’s the Google news search of every article containing Epps’ name in the week leading up to her racism charge.

When will progressives learn that when everything is racist, then nothing is racist?