Republican state lawmakers — what few of them are left — are pushing back against Gov. Polis and the Democrat-controlled legislature’s bait-and-switch tax hike scam that uses a bogus property tax cap as bait to overturn the Taxpayer Bill of Rights and keep even more of your tax dollars.

It’s such an egregious scam against Colorado taxpayers, even the kids over at 9News are calling out Polis’s scheme.

Senate Bill 23-303 was dropped the last week of session without any input from counties and special districts impacted by the measure, and Democrats rammed it straight through the Appropriations Committee.

“This is not a tax cut,” said Minority Leader Paul Lundeen. “Let’s stick with the facts, even if this ballot initiative is successful, Coloradans’ property taxes will still go up, and their tax refunds will decrease.”

“You can’t give people their own money and call it a tax cut. Gov. Polis and the Democrats need to stop using smoke and mirrors and work with us to develop an honest and permanent solution,” Lundeen said in a statement.

 Per the governor’s own calculation, property taxes would still increase on average of $400 next year and taxpayers would also get $50 less in their annual TABOR refunds.

“Rather than prioritizing policy to actually cut taxes for Coloradans, Democrats are playing a shell game,” Senator Kirkmeyer said. “There will be no property tax relief unless the voters of Colorado give up their TABOR refund. We need a real long-term solution, not this partisan band-aid.”

Polis has pulled some sleazy stunts as governor, especially during the terrible times when he shut down the state.

But telling folks they’ll get a tax cut while picking both pockets for even bigger tax hikes just proves that Polis is, well, a Democrat.