How better to lift children out of poverty than to teach them about capitalism and achieving the American dream of economic security, independence, and success?

Afterall, it’s worked for centuries for millions of Americans and created the world’s first middle class.

Yet the largest union of Colorado teachers recently approved a resolution declaring that “capitalism inherently exploits children, public schools, land, labor, and resources.”

The Colorado Education Association has yet to speak publicly about the resolution, which has been reported on social media and only a couple of news sources for weeks.

The association’s communications director, Lauren Stephenson, finally admitted such a resolution was indeed adopted, and said they decided not to publicly disclose the teacher union’s stance on capitalism due to privacy concerns, whatever the Hell that means.

As if it’s been a secret that so many teachers have been instructing our children that socialism is the great equalizer, property ownership is evil, and using the land’s resources will destroy the planet.

Now that the teachers’ union has finally admitted what we’ve known all along, perhaps they should take the first step to stop the “exploitation” of schools by giving taxpayers all our capitalist dollars back that have poured billions into public schools since 1839.

They should also target the capitalist systems that are exploiting our children, including Hollywood, Disney, TikTok, Instagram, gaming, manufacturers of everything rainbows, Big Pharma, surgeons, porn, the Democrat Party, and the teacher unions.

Brenda Dickhoner, education advocate and CEO of Ready Colorado, writes in the Denver Gazette Monday that capitalism requires little defense.

Nearly every advancement of humanity we encounter on a daily basis, from the amazingly powerful computer in our pocket to cures and treatments for otherwise fatal and debilitating diseases stem from a competitive and free system that follows the economic laws of supply and demand rather than the inclinations of central planners.


If one is serious about dismantling systemic racism, they should look no further than the union itself. Decades of flexing its muscle to protect an antiquated, one-size-fits-all education system has devastated generations of black and brown students. Nowhere is the disparity greater between white students and students of color than in Denver Public Schools, where the union’s favored candidates have unanimous control of the local board of education.

Also writing in The Gazette, the only Colorado media to report on the teacher union’s resolution,  Jimmy Sengenberger agrees the union doesn’t care that only 5% of Denver’s Black and Brown third-graders can read at grade level, all they care about is money and power.

And how do teacher unions get all their money to build their power?