Colorado is already nearing capacity for housing and caring for the flood of foreign nationals taking advantage of the Democrat Party’s smash and grab immigration policy of temporary citizenship via the secret password — asylum.

U.S. Sens. Hickenlooper and Bennet are making a show as they beg for more taxpayer dollars to pay for the system they helped shatter under the present, inadequate budget funded when Democrats still had full power in Washington, D.C.

Colorado taxpayers have already coughed up $15 million to pay the housing, food, and travel costs to other states for nearly 10,000 migrants who are mostly just passing through Denver to someplace … better.

By claiming asylum because of persecution in their home countries due to political views, gender identity, or religion, border crashers are essentially getting temporary citizenship with papers that allow them to work and pay taxes until their court dates.

But it’s not just workers chasing the almighty capitalist dollars who are willing to pay union dues, taxes, and vote Democrat for the next two election cycles who are getting the border passes.

It’s also the network of an organized crime syndicate that includes drug dealers, gang members, sex traffickers and their victims, and hundreds of thousands of unaccompanied children vulnerable to slave labor practices.

And while our social services infrastructure is overwhelmed, it’s the homeless, mentally ill, and our veterans who are also paying the price for Joe Biden and the Democrats crushing the border and immigration system.

If it wasn’t broke before, it sure as Hell is now.