A watchdog group is taking Gov. Polis and the state to court over a tax increase ballot measure passed by the legislature in the waning days of the session that is thinly disguised as a tax cut.

Advance Colorado is pursing the legal action claiming the measure violates the state’s constitution. Because it does.

The measure going to voters on the November ballot is Proposition HH, which increases property tax in increments, while reducing our TABOR tax refunds in increments until there’s no TABOR tax refund left.

Democrats call it a tax cut, because they’re only raising property taxes a little bit, instead of jacking it up to 60% inflationary rates.

This is how the government is calling a tax hike, a tax cut.

And if government doesn’t get the bigger tax hike, Democrats are calling that a cut and demanding your TABOR tax refund in exchange for a smaller tax hike.

It’s a fairly straightforward bait and switch, and yet the media keep calling it a tax cut measure.

From Fox 31 news:

Advance Colorado, a conservative group, is behind the lawsuit. The group argues that the bill addresses too many topics, in violation of the Colorado Constitution.


“On top of that, the ballot language is unclear and misleading,” Michael Fields, Advance Colorado president, said in a statement. “Voters deserve to know that they would be giving up their TABOR tax refunds in exchange for very little property tax relief.”

Instead, Fields says Polis should call a special session to address the property tax crisis “without taking away our TABOR refund checks.”

Stay tuned.