The social worker accused of exacting revenge on an Aurora councilwoman with bogus child abuse claims has lost her lawyers and is out of excuses for ducking in-person court appearances using claims of a brain tumor and only months to live.

Turns out the claims of a brain tumor can’t be proven, because her “doctor” doesn’t seem to exist.

The court was evaluating whether Robin Niceta could even stand trial on charges of falsifying allegations of child abuse, based on so-called medical records that indicated she had an aggressive brain tumor.

That was the excuse she’s been using to make court appearances from her parents’ home in New Mexico instead of traveling back to Colorado.

After the documents were reported on by local TV news stations, their veracity were called into question online, including by Dr. Eric Strong of Stanford, who the judge said called the court last week to raise his concerns. The prosecutor’s office also said that they had difficulty determining whether or not the medical records were legitimate.

In court Monday, a prosecutor said that he had spoken to someone who he was led to believe was Niceta’s doctor in New Mexico, but has since been unable to verify that person exists.

Shortly afterwards, Niceta’s two lawyers asked the judge to release them from the case.

The judge has also ordered Niceta to make future court dates in person.

PeakNation™ will recall Niceta is accused of making the anonymous call falsely accusing Aurora Councilwoman Danielle Jurinsky of sexually assaulting her baby.

The call followed Jurinsky’s statement that the Aurora police chief be fired, whom Niceta was dating at the time.

The social worker already owes Jurinsky $3 million from a civil suit the councilwoman won. Now that it appears Jurinksy isn’t going to die anytime soon from a brain tumor, she might have to actually start paying off that lawsuit.