Denver mayoral candidate Mike Johnston rattled off an interesting solution during Tuesday’s debate as to how Colorado’s shinning Sanctuary City can ease the burden of the migrant crisis off the backs of local non-profits.

Johnston’s solution is to expand Denver’s hospitality to the cities and taxpayers of Grand Junction, Colorado Springs, and Fort Collins.

If elected, he’ll just annex the state’s more conservative cities into Denver’s sanctuary orbit to take on their financial burden.

“… we can work with our neighboring communities to say, alright, what capacity does Denver have and what capacity could Colorado Springs have? What capacity could Fort Collins have? What capacity could Grand Junction have? This is what we did after the Katrina in New Orleans and we knew they were refugees coming to Colorado, we partnered in advance we worked with other municipalities. We identified locations, when we move people to places where we knew there was staff and support. We can do the same thing here. It just takes more proactive approach and more regional partnership to make sure we get it done,” Johnston said.

The difference between housing victims of a natural disaster and the victims of Biden’s open border scam is that one is an emergency, the other is self-inflicted.

Denver and state taxpayers have already spent more than $16 million to care for thousands of migrants using the U.S. asylum system as a work permit program to get jobs in the U.S. or smuggle drugs.

In thousands of actual cases, migrants are seeking refuge from oppressive regimes like socialist Venezuela.

It was okay with Denver Democrats that nearly 10,000 migrants have been directed by non-profit groups in Texas to come to Denver since December, most of them on buses.

But not okay when the governor of Texas said his state was busting at the seams when Title 42 was lifted and bused migrants to five major sanctuary cities including Denver.

Now it’s too much of a political burden, and Denver has rolled up the welcome mat until Texas or Biden gives them more money to take care of all these migrants flowing over Biden’s open border.

We can’t help but wonder why Johnston called out conservative cities to pick up the slack from the mess caused by the Democrat Party.

Surely it wasn’t just to score political points with the city’s progressive base? Oh wait, that’s exactly what he was doing.