Gov. Polis is doing a great job convincing voters that wildly inflated home property tax bills was somehow expected income that local governments were right to collect rather than a windfall of additional cash produced by a broken economy.

Government has not been counting on this unexpected windfall nor have they budgeted into the future for it.

But Polis and the media insist that if these additional dollars are not delivered, that would somehow deprive local governments of something they didn’t expect and is therefore a cut that must be filled by eliminating our TABOR refund.

Convinced that Colorado voters are complete idiots, Gov. Polis signed into law his plan to increase property taxes on a smaller scale, which in Orwellian Democrats speak is a tax cut.

And in exchange for the tax increase disguised as a cut, Democrats will phase out our TABOR tax refund to “pay for the cut.”

Treachery, thy name is Prop HH. It’s a double-dipping, bait-and-switch conniving scheme, the likes of which Coloradans have never seen.

Before the ink was even dry on this scheme, Advance Colorado announced a dozen counties have joined their lawsuit against the state for single-subject and “clear-title” violations.

Here’s what some of the localities joining the lawsuit had to say about the deceptiveness of Prop HH:

“It is alarming that local governments were not consulted on the bill or Prop HH. We believe strongly in local solutions that are designed for local problems. However, under the guise of lowering property tax, this is an underhanded and confusing attempt to work around TABOR. In addition, the proposition itself violates the single subject rule established to protect voters in Colorado,” said the Mesa County Board of Commissioners.


“Anyway you slice it, SB23-303 and Proposition HH do not prevent residential property owners in Douglas County from experiencing what will be the largest property tax increase in state history,” said Abe Laydon, Douglas County Commissioner Chair.


“A responsible state government shouldn’t be taking more of the people’s money through TABOR refunds while giving them almost nothing to show for it – roughly half a percent in property tax relief,” said the Phillips County Board of Commissioners.

Contrary to what multiple media outlets hailed as the solution to inflated property tax values and taxes, this is nothing but a very thinly disguised attack on TABOR, while jacking up everyone’s taxes, to boot.

Treachery, indeed.