In a desperate bid for attention to his White House aspirations, Gov. Polis is offering a ludicrous bet with fellow governor and legitimate presidential candidate Ron DeSantis on the outcome of the NBA finals.

If the Nuggets win, Polis wants DeSantis to magically force Disney to pack up their outdoor theme park and relocate to Colorado.

If the Miami Heat win, we’re hoping Polis offers to ship Aspen to Florida, because that makes about as much sense as a fair weather-dependent amusement park operating year-round here in the snow and cold.

Our homeless would love Disney.

Millennials could legally trip magic mushrooms while on Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.

Would it be legal to smoke pot in the park? Parents might be okay with that. The contact high effects on the kids would literally transform the Happiest Place on the Earth to the Chillest Place on the Planet.

Space Mountain would become Spaced Out Mellow Mountain, and instead of Cinderella’s Castle, we could just use Casa Bonita.

Polis probably does believe that relocating Disney World here would be the final link to fully Californicate Colorado,

Unfortunately for him, governors don’t actually have the power to force the relocation of businesses to the locale of their choice.

If that were the case, Polis surely would have bused Colorado’s cattle to Texas long ago.