The permanent location of the Space Force Space Training and Readiness Command training headquarters has been announced and the winner is …  Florida and Joe Biden’s reelection campaign!

The Miss Congeniality prize of four squadrons and space deltas goes to Gov. Polis and Colorado Springs.

The U.S. Air Force’s (wink, wink) announcement came just before Biden brought his presidential campaign to the Air Force Academy graduation on Thursday where he perfectly summed up his entire presidency.

Will Biden’s political patronage to Floridians and their 29 Electoral votes be enough to steal votes away from the state’s beloved Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis, who just happened to announce a few days ago he’s running for president?

Will the bone Biden threw Colorado be completely overshadowed by his embarrassing stumble and collapse before the eyes of our military men and women, who just put their lives in the hands of such a frail and befuddled leader?

Hell yeah.

Somebody help that poor man out of office and into the Shady Rest Retirement Home before he does any more damage to himself and our nation.