Rando activists are convinced that producing food for humans is an existential threat, and if they don’t ban beef processing plants in Denver we’ll all die.

Granted, many of their kind will likely perish anyway from anxiety attacks caused by experiencing seasonal weather changes and watching too much MSNBC.

They’re hoping to save the rest of their kind by circulating petitions for a measure on the 2024 ballot to ban the production of meat, but only in the city of Denver, a suspected hotbed of climate destroying activity.

Page Two over at Complete Colorado reports that Denver residents Catherine Klein, Ethan Kayser, Lily Lu-Lerner, Louis Brown and Hana Low have until Nov. 7 to collect 26,000 valid signatures.

Superior Farms in the primary target, one of the largest lamb processing facilities in the U.S. They employ hundreds of locals, who ballot language instructs should be placed on public welfare where they would be left to rot in poverty.

Gary Pfeiffer, Executive Vice President for sales and marketing for the company, told Page Two:

“Restaurants, supermarkets, in Colorado and Denver, if you see Colorado lamb on the menu, it probably comes through us,” Pfeiffer said.  “We support all the ranchers in Colorado and the Rocky Mountains. We are one of the primary lamb producers in the country, so we support that entire industry. Thousands of small farms are dependent on us to process lamb for them.”

The ignorance that drives privileged progressives to constantly try and force their trendy eating habits upon all humankind is getting really annoying.

Where’s Beth Dutton when we really need her?