Who can spot the outrageous and truly unforgivable mistake on this Denver Post story about the white women only protest against the 2nd Amendment on the state Capitol steps Monday?

If you guessed the date on the story should have read June 5th, 1953, you would be correct!

Because back in 1953, this kind of racial discrimination and segregation was common at public gatherings, swimming pools, schools, restrooms, and water fountains.

Such discrimination is illegal today and frowned upon mightily by both polite and impolite society and can’t possibly be …  Oh wait, that was back before wokism when we were all taught to treat each other as equals and live peacefully in freedom.

Now it’s like this, the Post reports:

The protest was organized (by) the newly formed Here4TheKids organization, a national group founded by two women of color who have called for only white women to participate in the first protest set for Colorado. They’ve asked people of color and those with disabilities to instead participate in a remote campaign.

“While acknowledging everyone’s agency, Here4TheKids respectfully asks white women to put their bodies on the ground, as marginalized communities have always done and continue to do,” the group said in a statement. “Historically, white women are least likely to be brutalized by the police. Their multiple intersections of privilege and power support the movement, as they participate in an act of civil disobedience, occupy physical space and demand change.”

So, they think the Denver cops won’t bust up a protest of white women sitting quietly on the Capitol lawn, just like Seattle cops let antifa get away with murder, literally?

It’s just crazy enough to work.

Best of luck to all the White saviors being called in to help dismantle our Second Amendment rights that were intended to protect people of all colors from a tyrannical government.

An armed citizenry is a free citizenry, and all that.

Even Gov. Polis isn’t stupid enough to something this blatantly unconstitutional.

But just a thought, for those who still think … if progressives would teach their offspring, assuming they still have children, to respect life and humankind and not lash out with guns when they can’t control their anger or just want attention, or revenge — all our children would be safer.

Exactly. If we ban all guns, the criminals will have to buy them back while law-abiding citizens are left unarmed and defenseless. Then when progressives defund police, only the military will have guns.

Ask all the Venezuelans flooding our southern border how that’s working out for them.

Meanwhile, white women will sit on this lawn every day until you give them what they want. Or it rains.