Is it really true the majority of Denver voters are taking a break from their love affair with socialism and flirting with sanity in government?

It sure looks that way according to the vote totals still standing from early Wednesday morning.

Someone should probably conduct a welfare check on soon-to-be-former Councilwoman Candi CdeBaca who is getting beaten like a baby seal.

Was it everything she said?

Because her opponent Darrell Watson is leading by nearly 3,400 votes, beating CdeBaca with 62% to her 38%.

Watson got tired of waiting around for CdeBaca to come her senses and declared victory.

“God first and foremost and thank you to all the residents in District 9,” Watson told the Denver Gazette. “They’ve known more division over the last four years. You want a councilmember that’s going to bring the community together and fight for pretty important issues like affordable housing.”

“I will be that champion,” Watson said.

CdeBaca told Denverite she expects more votes will continue to roll in over Watson’s commanding lead, along with this nonsensical defense:

“In April, we didn’t come back until the fourth dump, so we’ll be waiting,” CdeBaca said. “Even if we lose, it doesn’t change the experience that the community had and now they’re paying attention and changing the way they operate and engage. And that’s the most important thing about what we’re doing because four years is a blip on the radar.”

It will take a mathematical miracle for CdeBaca to pull ahead from (refreshes election results again and smiles with glee) 38%.

It sounds as if reality is already seeping in with CdeBaca.