The gay vice chair of Colorado’s Democrat Party says gay Democrat state Rep. Leslie Herod is a “a bully and predator” and she’s airing the party’s awkward dirty laundry on her Twitter feed.

Vice Chair Sheena Kadi is an LGBTQ activist who is also a member of the national Democrat Party’s LGBTQ Advisory Board.

Kadi shared the unfolding drama after party chairman Shad Murib snubbed and blocked her on Twitter.

Kadi reveals what happened when she first learned Murib had also worked on Herod’s failed mayoral campaign:

“I didn’t realize until my first meeting with Shad as chair and me as vice-chair that he worked on LH’s mayoral campaign, and that she had told him something – don’t know what – after people exposed her for what she is – a bully and predator.”

And in another tweet, all of which we’ve screenshot for posterity:

“I asked him what he was going to do to protect me and others in the party from predators like her. He laughed it off and told me to either file a complaint or stop talking about it.”

Yikes. What’s a Democrat to do when his lesbian vice chair accuses a lesbian state lawmaker of actions that would require his protection?

He tells them to just get over it, which is the exact wrong thing to say to any human being born with two X chromosomes.

Needless to say, Kadi did not stop talking about it.

Happy Pride, indeed.

We have to wonder if by predator, Kadi means this?

PeakNation™ will recall that Herod was the focus of media attention in the weeks before the Denver mayoral election in reports that described her as a predator nightmare boss.

Colorado Politics reported at the time:

In a series of Twitter posts, Sheena Anne Kadi, the public information officer for Colorado’s state Treasurer who knows Herod from her days in activism in the LGBTQ+ community, said she hired four former Herod staffers who said they were traumatized by their experience. She did not identify the staffers.

“They were excellent staff who had so much trauma from working with her. Denver has 11,000 employees who deserve better,” Kadi said in one post.

Reading between the lines, and knowing now what we didn’t know then because the media never fully reported it; whatever the Hell is really going on, the new Democrat Party chairman has a mess on his hands of his own making.