A new poll confirms that voters and parents don’t trust the Denver Public Schools board, which doesn’t come as a surprise considering how wildly dysfunctional and ridiculously political their behavior has become.

In reporting the findings, Chalkbeat Colorado was careful to point out that poll respondents were not all DPS parents.

Only 18% were parents of students, the majority of whom are Black or Latino in the low-income bracket. Most of those polls were white and of middle to high income, which matches the majority voting population.

In other words, wealthy white liberals are to blame for the DPS mess. Yet they all agreed school board members are doing a lousy job.

Fifty-five percent of respondents said they had an unfavorable view of the Denver school board, compared to just 21.6% with a favorable view. Two-thirds of parents reported an unfavorable view. Respondents of color and older respondents were also more likely to have an unfavorable view.

Despite all that, 38% said educators are doing a quality job teaching their children, while 35% characterized it as “fair.”

The poll conducted by Colorado Polling Institute comes just two months before the November election of three members, one of which is Auon’tai “Tay” Anderson who is mercifully stepping down to run instead for a state House seat and become their problem.

Here’s what Chalkbeat has to report on those races:

Support for all the candidates was within the margin of error, but former East High principal John Youngquist drew the most support, with a little less than 5% of respondents saying he was their preferred candidate. Ulcca Joshi Hansen — who dropped out shortly after the poll was taken — was a close second. The other candidates are Kwame Spearman, Paul Ballenger, and Brittni Johnson. Johnson had not yet filed at the time the poll was taken.

Read the rest here to learn more about the poll’s findings.