Catch the all-girl GOP band of Barbs and Roses as they rock across Colorado this fall on their “Taxed into the Abyss” tour!

They’ll be performing some of their greatest hits including, “Gimmie Back My Wallet,” “Taxman, Mr. Thief,” and “Blitzkrieg Prop HH.”

If only talk of taxes were that entertaining, government would operate on a much leaner budget, and we’d all be better off for it.

But we are not, so it’s up to Republicans to spread of the word of the duplicity and deceit behind Polis and the Democrats’ Prop HH.

State Rep. Rose Pugliese and state Sen. Barbara Kirkmeyer are touring the state to educate voters about the true intent of the measure to eliminate the Taxpayer Bill of Rights (TABOR) and our annual tax refund, reports the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel.

Democrats claim the November ballot measure  will give property owners a tax break over the next two years, which means the state would not collect an estimated $1.6 billion from Coloradans’s wallets.

But in exchange, Prop HH will end up costing taxpayers $10 billion over the next ten years in TABOR refunds.

Kirkmeyer told the Sentinel:

“The proponents of the bill will tell you that it’s meaningful property tax relief. Couldn’t be farther from the truth. Basically, this is the dismantling of TABOR.”

Added Pugliese:

“Property tax shouldn’t be a partisan issue. This isn’t abortion. This isn’t guns. This is property tax. We should be having a more collaborative conversation. There are other solutions out there that we could bring to the table.”

Democrats and Polis promised to address the property tax hike during the legislative session, which spiked dramatically due to the Bidenflation of  Bidenomics.

But instead, they punted the issue and pitted property taxpayers against regular taxpayers in Prop HH, so that either way, the state gets the windfall of billions more in our hard-earned tax dollars.

Be sure and catch the Barbs and Roses tour to learn why opposition to Prop HH is so strong among working family voters.