A Libertarian Party candidate says he’s mighty miffed that U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert refused to sign a pledge put forth by his party, which GOP Chair Dave Williams committed to in the hopes of avoiding third-party spoilers.

So that didn’t work as advertised.

But before James Wiley of Pueblo can take on Boebert, he must first win his own party’s nomination, and Boebert must clear two Republican challengers to advance to the 2024 General Election.

Those pesky details didn’t take the steam out of Wiley’s announcement, which came on the heels of Boebert’s latest scandal at a Denver theater that captured national and international headlines.

Colorado Politics reports:

Wiley also vowed to serve no more than three terms and pledged “never to vape nicotine at any venue,” including at the Sept. 16 Rob Zombie concert at Fiddler’s Green Amphitheatre in Greenwood Village.

Boebert’s campaign brushed off the announcement and insisted the congresswoman’s conservative record is unmatched.

Sounds like that challenge was already accepted. This dude is far right.

“In truth, I will be elected by the voters of CD-3 as their Libertarian representative to Congress because the land of our district is filled with Sovereign American People whose rights have suffered immeasurable damage by state actors,” the 29-year-old said in a release. “CD-3 needs activist leaders prepared and willing to demolish the federal government.”

Wiley’s going to need more than promises to demolish the federal government and never vape at shock rock concerts to win the 3rd Congressional District seat.

At least we hope so.

First Wiley will have to get past Mark Elworth Jr., who has also announced for the Libertarian Party nomination.

Challenging Boebert for the Republican nomination are Jeff Hurd, a noted Grand Junction attorney and former Chamber president, and Russ Andrews of Carbondale, a financial advisor.

For the Democrat nod, Grand Junction Mayor Anna Stout is taking on last election’s primary winner Adam Frisch, who came within 600 votes of nearly beating Boebert.

Former Libertarian Adam Withrow of Pueblo is running in the Democrat primary.